Pre-Primary School

“Mamma, steek jou hande uit dat ek dit kan seën.”

Dit was my seuntjie se woorde na sy tweede dag in Graad 00. Dit was die dag wat ek geweet het, ons gaan nog ‘n lang pad met El Shaddai skool stap!

C. Johnson

The Pre-Primary vision is to join hands with Christian parents to lay a Christian Biblical worldview foundation influencing their spiritual, social, physical, intellectual, creative and emotional development.

It is important to us that the Pre-Schoolers are able to make a smooth transition to formal education in Grade 1, and we use  experiential learning as the platform to develop the skills needed for formal education.


Our Pre-Primary children love to learn through play. 

Our structured daily programmes purposefully incorporate a variety of stimulating activities for young curious minds. 

Our weekly themes underpin a character quality of God which reinforces their identity as image bearers of Christ. 

At this age it is essential to foster a love for learning, a sense of responsibility and self discipline in preparation for Primary School.

  • Phonics – Introduction to the THRASS program (Teaching, Handwriting, Reading and Spelling skills.)
  • Exposure to the first additional language.
  • Exposure to formal school by doing elementary Writing, Reading, and Mathematics in preparation for Grade 1.
  • Introduction to the structure, routine, and expectations of Grade 1.

In the Pre-Primary School Department, we do not believe that the children should receive formal homework. Children learn through “purposeful play” and “doing”. A letter is sent out each week to inform the parents about the weekly theme as well as the Mathematics and Language that is being taught in the class. Parents can decide for themselves how much time they have to consolidate what has been done in class with their children.  

In die Preprimêre afdeling glo ons nie dat die kinders formeel huiswerk moet kry nie. Kinders leer deur betekenisvol te speel en doen. ‘n Temabrief word wel weekliks uitgestuur om ouers in te lig oor die tema van die week asook wiskunde-en taalaktiwiteite wat in die klas gedoen word. Ouers kan self besluit hoeveel tyd aan vaslegging spandeer word by die huis


At the heart of Discipleship is knowing the Character of God who loves us. Teaching these qualities to the children is key to them responding to God so that it is not just head knowledge but heart knowledge. 

Our desire is that children will have a personal relationship with Jesus and learn to love Him with all their hearts. That they will know they are special and unique and that Jesus loves them unconditionally and that they may have a desire to be more like Him and to reflect Godly character qualities in their daily lives.

Additional information on Pre-Primary School Discipleship

We have 4 umbrella teaching focuses:

Fellowship with God.

The children are encouraged to spend time with Jesus daily, day or night.

Character Qualities:-

God is Creator

God is Love

God is Wise

Self Worth.

The children learn that their worth is found in Jesus. Jesus does not look at status symbols, but at their hearts. 

Character Qualities:

God is Truth and Light.

God is Healer and Forgiver.

God is Peace and Joy.


Jesus came to love and to serve. The children learn to serve each other in love and to help wherever they can. 

Character Qualities:-

God is Shepherd and Protector.

God is Servant.

God is Patient and Self-Controlled.


Jesus created the world for us to enjoy and to take care of. The children learn to look after their

environment and their possessions.

Character Qualities:-

God is Resourceful.

God is Provider.

God is Faithful.

Daily Discipleship lessons include:-

Bible stories and key scriptures.

Children learn to pray for themselves and each other.

The children learn to hear God’s voice and to wait on Him.

They learn to trust God as their Saviour, Protector, Provider, Healer and their best friend. 

They learn to make wise choices and Honour God in everything they do.


The purpose is to serve willingly, to give to the less fortunate and to have compassion for others. Toys, clothing, non-perishable items and toiletries are given to various shelters, places of safety and charity organisations. The children are encouraged to pray for the children in the shelters, both at home and at school.


Our Culture programme allows for character formation as children discover their God-given talents and abilities during the school day programme. 

We have also enriched our offering  by joining hands with external franchises who offer their expertise on our campus. 

This integrated programme develops basic life skills, coordination, concentration as well as gross & fine motor skills in a fun way. 

Activities include:

Two music programmes, Eazy Stitch, Clay Play, Play Ball, Kinderkinetics and Chess


Our vision is to develop physical activities that can strengthen young bodies and develop motor skills and coordination in a fun way. This will lay the foundation for all future sporting activities

We teach them to express a love for sport & exercise and hope to foster a desire for an active lifestyle.

Character traits such as discipline, perseverance and teamwork are developed as basic techniques and rules are taught.
We encourage participation in order to prepare children for Mini-Sport in Primary school. 

Sporting codes:

Athletics, Mini Cricket, Ball skills, Mini Hockey, Soccer, Touch Rugby

School Life

School Life primarily takes the form of fun learning activities in the Pre-Primary.

Where possible we take the children on outings, otherwise experts and professionals come to school and teach us in a practical and interactive way as we stimulate their curiosity.

On our “BIG EVENTS” days, the whole Pre-Primary comes together to build community and develop social skills while having fun collectively.

Outings could include:

Butterfly World, Intaka Island, Gan Eden Farmyard and the Fire Station.

Expert shows could include:

The Bee Lady, The Birdman, The Reptile man and The Dentist show.

BIG events could include:

Big Run, Big Walk, Big Games, Big Wheels and Mini Markets.