School Fees

We maintain our tuition fees at the most competitive levels possible:

• We are a non-profit school without any shareholders: if any surpluses are generated from school fees, they are all ploughed back into further development and enhancement of the school for our students’ benefit.

• We try to incorporate as many expenses as possible into the basic tuition fees to avoid a plethora of additional levies and charges – so that you can plan for a generally predictable monthly payment. For example, our fees include most cultural & extra-mural activities, 1 x school camp per annum (where applicable), all general art/music/technology levies, our school magazine and more. Parents do need to remember to budget extra for personal text books & stationery, off-campus outings, individual music lessons and Cambridge Examination fees (grade 10-12).

• We offer all parents a payment holiday in January of each year, giving you the financial space to procure textbooks, stationery, and uniforms. Our annual tuition fees are payable in 11 monthly debit order instalments from February to December, on the 1st day of each month. 

• Please do follow the link below for the detailed fee schedule.

School fees 2024

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Textbooks and Stationery Requirements

Stationery requirements are listed at the bottom of each textbook list. Click on the links below

2024 BookList

process of textbook procurement

Uniform Shop

ESCS parents / pupils may purchase uniforms from our own uniform shop in the quad. More generic items, e.g. blazers, may be purchased from approved suppliers. Please see our uniform list for more information.


General requirements to apply for a teaching post

  1. Born again Christian
  2. Committed and passionate about teaching
  3. Involvement with extra-curricular activities will be an advantage
  4. Willing to be taught a Biblical Philosophy of Education in a practical, hands-on manner
  5. Desire to inculcate a Biblical World-view into pupils
  6. Suitably qualified for the post
  7. Able to register with SACE
  8. Have read the Parents’ Information Manual
  9. Have completed the Teachers Application form (see links below)
  10. Submit a CV of maximum 3-4 pages
  11. Submit an Academic Transcript of your University results
  12. Only short listed applicants will be contacted