“El Shaddai provided the foundation for our children’s spiritual, character and academic foundation that made them flourish when we moved to the UK. They are leaders in their peer groups, loved by their teachers and they excel academically. We are eternally grateful that we could take hands with El Shaddai.”

The Holtshauzen family

With students well prepared, we are proud to have had students excel in the final Cambridge International Assessment examinations. We have had students who have achieved Top in South Africa and Top in the World at IGCSE and AS Level respectively.

Many of these students have come from our Afrikaans primary classes, which shows the easy transition to the English curriculum in the higher grades. 


In our High School, we aspire to shape confident and responsible students as they pursue excellence in academics to fulfill their God-given purpose in society.

The Junior High School Phase follows an enriched national curriculum exposing students to a wide range of subjects and skills in preparation for the Cambridge Assessment International Curriculum in the Senior High School Phase.

The internationally benchmarked Cambridge curriculum encourages reflective, innovative and engaged students who can meet the demands of a changing world. The Cambridge IGCSE and AS Level courses in Grades 10 to 12 ensure that our Matrics’ qualifications are accepted for University and College entry, as well as for employment purposes globally.

In addition, our Biblical integration ensures that students engage with the content in a meaningful way as they are being equipped to be ethical influencers in society.


Online Forms

Grade 7 (2022)

Grade 8 and the first half of Grade 9 in (2022)

Grade 11 of 2021 subject choice

Subject choice summary form for Grade 7 to 12

Junior High School (Grade 7-9 (Pre-June))

  • English First language
  • Afrikaans First Language
  • Afrikaans Second language
  • Mathematics
  • Social Sciences (Geography & History)
  • Combined Science (Biology, Chemistry & Physics)
  • Economic and ManagementScience
  • Accounting
  • Information Technology
  • Music
  • Art
  • Drama
  • Technical Drawing (CAD)
  • Technology

Senior High School (Grade 9 (Post-June) – Grade 12

Cambridge International Examinations are set and marked by Cambridge Assessment, a department of the prestigious University of Cambridge. Our students write the renowned International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE) in Grades 10 and 11, as well as the Advanced Subsidiary Level certificate (AS Level) in Grade 12. These are accepted by USAf and SAQA for entrance to tertiary institutions in South Africa.

We offer the following Cambridge subjects in the Senior High School:

  • English First Language
  • Literature in English
  • Afrikaans First language
  • Afrikaans Second Language
  • Mathematics (Core or Extended)
  • Geography
  • History
  • Biology
  • Chemistry
  • Physics
  • Computer Science
  • Accounting
  • Art & Design
  • Music
  • Travel & Tourism
  • Information & Communications
  • Technology (ICT)
Vera _Jenna_Dune praying in Streams


Our Discipling programme prepares our students for their Kingdom role in society by encouraging young people to walk in a meaningful relationship with Jesus Christ, by instilling a Biblical worldview for all aspects of life and developing Godly character.

We endeavor to create opportunities for the Holy Spirit to empower our students to prosper so that they can fulfil their God-given purpose as part of the Great Commission to serve our wider community.

We trust that they will become ethical influencers as they impact the world and advance His Kingdom.

Thought provoking concepts are presented at weekly assemblies. Topics are covered in an age-appropriate manner and address relevant issues encountered by the young people of today.  

In the High School, assembly themes are covered in a three-year cycle: Year 1 – Focus on relationships, Year 2 – Focus on instilling a Biblical WorldView and Year 3 – Focus on providing answers to tough questions (Apologetics)

The assembly topics are re-enforced in comprehensive discussions in the Discipleship for Life lessons. 

Bible knowledge is expanded during an extra weekly Bible Education lesson in Grades 7 to 9. 

Biblical integration in the academic, sports and cultural programmes is achieved by teaching and coaching from a Biblical perspective (God’s intended plan) in mind. 

Homeslice peer mentorship encourages cross-grade (Grades 7 – 12) relationship and accountability. 

Outreach programmes create platforms for pupils to serve the wider community.  These outreaches sensitise the pupils to the needs of the lost, the marginalised and the poor and in doing so allow them to look beyond their own needs.


Our Culture Expressions create safe opportunities where students can enjoy themselves and flourish while being equipped with essential skills like problem solving, self management, working with people and technological expertise that will allow them to be Culture Creators in the 21st Century. 

Students will find that our clubs are meaningful and give them a sense of belonging where they can be bold and brave,  as well as provide fantastic opportunities to build lasting friendships with others around common interests. 

In the process we redeem these expressions and restore creativity as we create Kingdom Culture. We revere God with our God-given talents to reveal God’s love to the community. 

We have a variety of 16 clubs grouped in three expressions.

Life Expressions with Event Management, LOUD Public Speaking & Debating Club, Movers & Shakers Strategic Board Games, Chess, STEMi and Eisteddfod.

Media Expressions with an Art Club, LENS Film & Photography Club and a School Magazine (Ellieton). Our Production Crew serves our school events with Audio/ Visual services.

Performing Expressions with Vocademy (a vocal ensemble), an Instrumental Ensemble, Santified (Worship band), Step UP (our Dance Club), Up Stage (community theatre) and Dramatix our Drama club that performs an annual staged production of high Quality.


The Sports Department seeks to improve the physical and emotional health of our students through participation in both competitive and recreational sports in a safe environment. In addition, we strive to use sport as a vehicle for discipling, camaraderie and relationship building. 

In all sporting codes, character qualities such as loyalty, work ethic, team work, punctuality and commitment and Godly sportsmanship are key values that are emphasized regularly.

During competitive events outside of school we place high value on the opportunity to live out our testimony. 

Sporting codes

  • Athletics
  • Swimming
  • Hockey 
  • Netball
  • Squash

School Life

School Life seeks to ensure that the participation at school events and connection between students cultivates the overall well-being of the individual. 

The Grade 12 Leadership Team run events that encourage cross-grade and cross-school interaction in order to create an atmosphere of camaraderie and unity. Students  express their creativity, enlarge their friendship circles and learn in an environment that goes beyond the classroom or extracurricular programme.

Student-led events inspire collaboration and provide students with opportunities to exercise their leadership skills while implementing their unique vision for the year. It is invigorating witnessing students living life to the full.

Activities include: Interschools’ cheerleading, camps, assemblies, termly events that encourage wider school community interaction, Appreciation Day and other themed civvies days, trading days, grade socials, High School dances, Founders’ Day celebrations, and the like.


Uniform And Appearance

We take great pride in our school and how we present ourselves.

We do the following to present a dapper and beautiful image:

  • Boys have a short, neat haircut, clean, tapered, off-the-collar and ears, and not worn over the eyes. Clothing is to be pressed, tidy and clean. Shoes should be polished regularly.
  • Senior Boys: Grades 10-12 must be cleanly-shaved. Junior boys – on advice.
  • Girls have a neat hairstyle. If it is shoulder length, it should be tied up with black,

o   navy-blue or white hair accessories. Hair may not be worn over the eyes. Dyed

o   hair is not permitted. Jewellery, make-up and nail polish are not permitted.

  • Girls are permitted to wear conservative, small, round, gold or silver sleepers or

o   studs in their ears (One in each ear only. In the first hole only).

  • All clothing should be clearly marked.
  • All clothing should be clean, in good repair and well-pressed.
  • Sports vest may not be worn as school uniform.
  • Skirt length: No shorter than 13cm from the floor when kneeling.
  • ESCS rain jacket must be worn with blazer underneath.
  • Standardised, navy-blue knee blanket (girls only). Not to walk around in. May only be used in the classrooms.
  • Navy-blue scarves are permissible.
  • Undergarments under girls’ white shirt need to be flesh-coloured.
  • Undergarments under girls’ grey skirt need to be dark or grey “boy-leg pants” e.g. “cycling shorts”. (Available in the ESCS uniform shop).
  • Girls white, tailored, open-neck blouses may be worn outside the grey skirt. Other white shirts must be tucked into the grey skirt.